If you’re a freak or a geek, if you’re strange or deranged,
if you feel like an outsider then come along, climb aboard…
for I would like, if I may, to take you on a very strange journey.

A Night of a Billion Preshows

Category : Announcements, Special Events · No Comments · by April 1, 2015

This week Formal Dress Optional turns 13!

We are still on a small hiatus from performing Rocky Horror, but that doesn’t mean our screens will be going dark. This week come out to see us perform every preshow we’ve featured over the past few years.

1: Dick in a Box
2: Zydrate Anatomy
3: Duel Duet
4: Lady Marmalade
5: Two Ladies
6: Everyone’s a Hero / Slipping
7: Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
8: Mary Sunshine
9: Breaking Out
10: Do You Wanna Kill the Batman
11: Birds of Prey
12: Look What I Did To My Id
13: A Whole New World
14: Single Ladies
15: Thriller

April 4, show begins at 11:59 PM, runtime 1 hour

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